Tuesday, March 29, 2016


There was a guy with trache, NG tube all restless for the past few years.
Beside him, standing a young pretty lady who is his wife.
Dr discuss with her regarding DNR.

If patient heartbeat stop, would you want me to resucitate the patient ?
She tried her best not to cry,
But Dr told her that she has been taking care her husband devotely for the past few years. If heartbeat stop, condition will not improve if you gain back the heartbeat, it can be worse.
They may said that you are cruel for agreeing with DNR, but they did not know what you have been done for the past few years only for him. They did not know how much and how strong you are to face all this problem.

She stay silent and cry.
Me too , crying deep down inside.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Thank youu

Today i am fasting, i am supertired walking from ward  to the main building, need to cross road,
bila balik dari ward , weather was hot, and i was so tired and taklarat.
In my heart, i pray that Allah will send someone to help us, bawak pergi bangunan seberang jalan.
And suddenly, a car stop beside us, it is DC, the head of department, pangkat JUSA tauu.
asking us to follow him, he will drop us there.
We awkwardly naik je tapi 3-3 duduk kat seat belakang like a boss.  Hahaaa

Alhamdulillah, Allah grant my doa instantly and make me stronger,
May Allah ease you DC  for your kindness.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Today i met a young boy, a 15 years old boy,
I assume he come from rich family because of some personal data,
some more I talk to his brother sebaya my adik.
He is sick, having major surgery of heart during his primary school,
and currently maybe having infection of the heart,

I saw him reading al mathurat
and he is the one who will pray every time masuk waktu.
Looking at him make me thinks,
even he can do all this things while he is sick, why not us ?
he surely doesnt have lot of friends due to his ilness, coming back and forth from hospital and so on.
May Allah ease you Adik,
May Allah ease all of your family. InsyaAllah. (':

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Met this one pakcik and his wife,
Yesterday morning he looks okayy, still be able to laugh and make joke to us,
But in the evening, it turns to be the saddest day for both of them,
Doctor told him, he has stage 4 lung cancer.
That night, he sleep while holding his daughter's picture, missing her so much.
Sometimes, smallest thing you can do to comfort them is to listen.
They have a lot of things to say. And you just have to listen.
May Allah give their family strength to face this.
May Allah ease them.

"Mak, kat sekolah, kesian kawan adik, ayah dia meninggal sebab cancer."
And currently her mom doesn't know how to tell her daughter that her father has lung cancer stage 4.

May Allah ease