Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Met this one pakcik and his wife,
Yesterday morning he looks okayy, still be able to laugh and make joke to us,
But in the evening, it turns to be the saddest day for both of them,
Doctor told him, he has stage 4 lung cancer.
That night, he sleep while holding his daughter's picture, missing her so much.
Sometimes, smallest thing you can do to comfort them is to listen.
They have a lot of things to say. And you just have to listen.
May Allah give their family strength to face this.
May Allah ease them.

"Mak, kat sekolah, kesian kawan adik, ayah dia meninggal sebab cancer."
And currently her mom doesn't know how to tell her daughter that her father has lung cancer stage 4.

May Allah ease

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