Friday, April 15, 2016


Today, i learn about nurse job.c

Nurse job, people always get angry to nurse,
Usually they said, nurse garang, nurse takjaga patient.
But, i see differently today.
A sight that can make our heart feel at ease.

This morning, I ask nurse regarding a patient, she want to eat her breakfast, but immediately she help me first before eating. ( jangan salah sangka, the round was over, and she want to take a quick breakfast tau, they are human too )

This afternoon, food arrived on time, I saw a nurse come to that makcik, feeding that makcik and care for that makcik before she go to eat her lunch.

But still people always said nurse takbuat kerja, nurse takde kerja.
Cuba kau spend masa dalam ward, tengok siapa yg kerja. Baru kau tahu .

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