Monday, June 27, 2016


Day 22 of Ramadhan
I saw one of those loves.
Between siblings. A brother and her sister.
Her sister is 2yo girl with spastic cerebral palsy with hydrocephalus.
Pretty cute child lying down cannot do anything because it is quadriplegia.
And there by her side is a supportive brother. A 20 yo young man.
Stay by her side, care for her and do everything she cant do.
I can see, he looks tired, but he patiently stay there wait there for her sister.

Bersabarlah menjaga anak syurga.

Another story is a girl who is taken care by her sister.
That child came with severe acute exacerbation of asthma ( AEBA)
She was tachypnea, cough and all and was taken care by a sister.
When ask where is parent ? Both of them is busy in bazaar.
I know it might be hard for them, raya is coming soon and parents are busy to facilitate the best for child.
Moga adik kuat, family adik kuat.

Banyak orang, banyak cerita.
The unspoken one.

Thursday, June 23, 2016


Today, following morning rounds again.

I love to follow Dr. Z round. The rounds was so informative and she teach us A LOT. like seriously a lot.

Today, there is one case of medulloblastoma.
The child was previously active, got number 2 in class and suddenly crash down after headache, vomit, cannot walk and cannot talk.
She was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, space occupying lesion,
Initially, their parents cant coop with the situation but now both of them take care of this child. Anak syurga InsyaAllah.

My heart cry when hearing Dr Z asking question to the parents. Thinking of how they feel.
I taktahan tengok kanak kanak especially when they are sick. Am sensitive. .

Friday, June 3, 2016

Give up

The moment when you feel you want to give up.
But seeing back, how you talk with patient, knowing them.
You dont want to give up.
Even when you lost your spirit.
You should never give up.
Allah is there, and always there beside you.
He make you stonger and He will help you.

May Allah ease the journey.

Goodbye Obs and Gynae posting.
You will be missed deeply.

Thursday, June 2, 2016


Today went for gynae clinic.
A  lady with 5 history of miscarriage.
She looks sad.
She looks sad and was hoping for a chance to get pregnant again and have a child.

Today, went to ward and there is a baby at the nurse counter.
He is quiet, he does not cry and he is cute.
He has a small scar on her forehead. Forcep delivery scar.
Dr said he was on forcep due to maternal colapse.
Her mother has heart problem unknowingly.
Came in labour and suddenly collapse when she want to push the baby out.
When they resuscitate, and her mother was intubated by Anaes, he was delivered via forcep.
Alhamdulillah,  he is well.
But her mother was sent to ICU.
Pity that young child and his siblings.

Allah do test people who are stronger, to make the  stronger.
Have faith in Allah