Monday, June 27, 2016


Day 22 of Ramadhan
I saw one of those loves.
Between siblings. A brother and her sister.
Her sister is 2yo girl with spastic cerebral palsy with hydrocephalus.
Pretty cute child lying down cannot do anything because it is quadriplegia.
And there by her side is a supportive brother. A 20 yo young man.
Stay by her side, care for her and do everything she cant do.
I can see, he looks tired, but he patiently stay there wait there for her sister.

Bersabarlah menjaga anak syurga.

Another story is a girl who is taken care by her sister.
That child came with severe acute exacerbation of asthma ( AEBA)
She was tachypnea, cough and all and was taken care by a sister.
When ask where is parent ? Both of them is busy in bazaar.
I know it might be hard for them, raya is coming soon and parents are busy to facilitate the best for child.
Moga adik kuat, family adik kuat.

Banyak orang, banyak cerita.
The unspoken one.

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