Thursday, June 2, 2016


Today went for gynae clinic.
A  lady with 5 history of miscarriage.
She looks sad.
She looks sad and was hoping for a chance to get pregnant again and have a child.

Today, went to ward and there is a baby at the nurse counter.
He is quiet, he does not cry and he is cute.
He has a small scar on her forehead. Forcep delivery scar.
Dr said he was on forcep due to maternal colapse.
Her mother has heart problem unknowingly.
Came in labour and suddenly collapse when she want to push the baby out.
When they resuscitate, and her mother was intubated by Anaes, he was delivered via forcep.
Alhamdulillah,  he is well.
But her mother was sent to ICU.
Pity that young child and his siblings.

Allah do test people who are stronger, to make the  stronger.
Have faith in Allah

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