Monday, March 20, 2017

Bestfriend wedding

Dearest bestfriend getting married,
I know her since 2011, we are housemate and become roomate the next year till my last day in uni life. 
She's the one who is extrovert, am an introvert.
She always said about marriage and how she want to send her kids to uni when she is 40 years old. But now, its a little bit late than expected. Hahaaa
She said that kepoci like her who talk about marriage, will kahwin late.
And the one who doesnt talk about marriage will kahwin early.
But I guess she guess wrongly, She is the second one in the house to get married.
Hauna said maybe because she talk about marriage in usrah, ramai mendoakan sebab majlis ilmu kan. 

Dearest Mai and husband, 
May Allah bless your marriage till Jannah,
Am happy to see you happy with the love of your life. 
Now, you have someone who will always be there to listen to you.
Be good to each other.
And obivously Mai , jangan nak nakal sangat. 😂😂😂

Friday, March 3, 2017



Am opening back my blog, coz i dont have anything to do,
Scrolling my draft and there is so many thing that I write that I never posted.
Currently posting it, and you may notice the post in 2016.
Posting it because some of the story inspired me. Maybe it can inspire youu ?

So many things happen.

Pass my medical school exam in September,
Done my SPA interview in February (am in second intake interview)
Currently waiting for interview result and placement, maybe in April or June.

OMG, gonna start work as HO kontrak.
Lets do our best
May Allah ease.